Pistachios are an ideal snack for adults and children. Besides the convenience of being able to carry the lunch bag or purse, they also provide various nutrients, including copper, manganese, selenium, iron, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid and many more!

Pistachios and management of blood glucose
In recent years there has been an increase in studies that illustrate the potential benefits on blood glucose levels, resulting from the consumption of nuts, including pistachios [Further details for health professionals to link Level 3 studies on the management of blood glucose]. One reason could be the chromium, an element that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar, whose pistachios are a valuable source.

Pistachios and diabetes
While there are health claims regarding the relationship between diabetes and pistachios, more and more research suggests that pistachios may have an action of lowering levels of glucose and insulin and encourage a healthier metabolic profile (based on a daily consumption of 57 g of pistachios) 1.

Research suggests [more details for health professionals to link Level 3 Studies on management glicemia- section below, which will be placed on a dedicated page] that the nutrient profile of pistachios, which includes among other substances, proteins, healthy fats and fibers, could have a beneficial effect on health.
As part of a study that analyzed the effects of the consumption of a snack of pistachios than a snack of refined carbohydrates (pretzel) it showed that the group that consumed based snack pistachios had reported weight reduction and grassi2. Although this was a small-scale research, this result emphasizes that pistachios can be eaten as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Proprietà nutritive - Il pistacchio contiene proteine, grassi buoni, fibre e altri nutrienti di cui il nostro corpo necessita quotidianamente.** Scopri di più >

La salute del cuore - Studi recenti sostengono che le sostanze nutritive presenti nei pistacchi potrebbero favorire il benessere cardiaco* Scopri di più >

Gestione del peso – Sono tante le ragioni per cui i pistacchi potrebbero costituire un utile supporto in programmi di gestione del peso nell'ambito di una dieta variegata ed equilibrata e uno stile di vita sano. Scopri di più >

Coadiuvante post-allenamento - I pistacchi possono contribuire a soddisfare i bisogni di atleti e appassionati di fitness occasionali nella fase di post-allenamento** Scopri di più >